About Us


Allwegotis.us is an independent company started in Northern Delaware in 2011 to promote good music, times, and entertainment. Rebranded in November of 2012 by Alexus EPIC, Allwegotis.us became the indie blog that it is today. The allwegotis.us mission is based on the single principle that the best and most authentic facets of youth culture are DIY. A changing dynamic in the scene has brought back originality to the forefront of music and made it possible for the independent movement to prosper. The team works as a collective to spur a creative scene that reinvigorates and promotes the talent that exists in your area. We are born out of hip hop, indie music, art and the streets and this is where we thrive. ALLWEGOTIS.US is for dope individuals. Spread the word!

Dope Music. Chill Vibes. Good Times.

Music Curator. CEO.

Taste Maker. Creative Director.

Business Head. Blogger.

Visual Artist. Creative Director.